Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Condensation a problem?

A: Whether PVC case or hard case condensation can always be a problem and will appear with high changes of temperature. Keep the pouch out of the sun before it is immersed into the water or introduce from hot to cold temperatures slowly. The product comes with a desiccant sachet

2. How deep can the pouch go underwater?

A: The pouch is submersible to 10m or 33ft which is certified by an independent Company and recognized at IPX8 standards worldwide .

3. Can you talk on the phone or listen to music while inside the pouch?

A: Absolutely. It is possible to speak and hear on the phone while inside the pouch or listen to music etc. Only around 10% of volume is lost. The iPhone & Tablet/iPad Pouch both have Waterproof Earphones Jacks, so we recommend used with our Waterproof Earphones.

4. Are there any tips for using the pouches

A: To gain best results make sure the lens area is as clean as possible, the more sunlight the better the photo quality, keep as still as possible when taking photo. When opening the pouch after use, shake out excess water around the mouth and open in a downward position. And make sure the 3 zip locks are clean, free from sand and impediments. Wash under the tap after use

5. Do I need to test the pouch myself?

A: As a precaution before any of the pouches are taken in the water they should all be tested by sealing something worthless inside, maybe some tissue paper, then immerse it underwater and squeeze the pouch, this has the effect of putting it under pressure. Obviously no streams of air bubbles should be seen but some air will be trapped inside and around the flap of the pouch. (Please read the instructions about testing) Testing should occur before you enter the water every time.

6. Can I use touch screen controls?

A: Certainly, touch screen controls work perfectly

7. What is the quality of picture/movie like?

A: Picture quality is excellent; much depends on the visibility/clarity of the water, camera quality and ability to hold the camera still. Movie quality is excellent and has sound also. Check your cameras menu as some Cameras have underwater settings.

8. Additional Tips

A: When using the Camera Pouch. It is advised to remove the strap from the camera as it may fall in the way of the controls of the camera or the lens itself. The pouch has its own cord, which can fasten around the neck or wrist. Be sure to read the instruction booklet supplied.


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